Vacation Services

woodlands vacation pool services

Going away on a trip or on holiday? Let Preferred Pools maintain your precious investment while you’re away. There is no need to worry if the baskets and cleaners are going to become jammed because you weren’t there to clean them. Services to maintain your pool when you are away.

Spring & The Woodlands Vacation Pool Services:

Weekly cleaning and maintenance keep your swimming pool a beautiful, healthy, and valuable addition to your home in The Woodlands. When you need to leave for a week or two on business or vacation, it's important to continue that care. If you cannot be here to care for your swimming pool, turn to the swimming pool experts at Preferred Pools.

Benefits of Preferred Pools Vacation Services

Most pool owners have had the unpleasant experience of a sudden change in the clarity and color of their water. Delaying maintenance for only a few days may allow algae and bacteria to take over. With Preferred Pools vacations services, your pool will be in good hands while you are gone - and you will enjoy the benefits:

  • Peace of mind knowing your pool is receiving the regular maintenance it needs:
    • Removal of debris & dirt that clogs baskets or filters
    • Inspection of water circulation, filtration & other mechanical pool systems
    • Monitoring & adjusting of pool chemicals
  • Added security from having an "extra pair of eyes" to spot break-ins or vandalism that might occur while you are away.
  • Freedom from the need to perform pool tasks as soon as you return home.
  • Confidence that you will be returning to a sparkling, healthy, & fully functioning swimming pool you can enjoy.

Trusted Pool Care in Houston

For more than 15 years, homeowners in The Woodlands have depended on Preferred Pools for local, caring, full-service pool maintenance and repair services. Our technicians are true professionals with the expertise to perform detailed pool inspections and make recommendations that keep your pool in top condition and preserve your investment. They can even restore sparkling clarity to a pool that is turning green.

Call 281-797-7946 or contact us today to request an estimate for weekly maintenance or vacation pool services, or to speak with a member of our support team.