Pool Service

Preferred Pools is a trusted name in pool maintenance and service!  We will guide you step-by-step through this important investment decision regarding your pool's maintenance and value. We have over 10 years invested in maintaining, servicing, remodeling and repairing pools.

Preferred Pools guarantees the highest level of quality of maintenance for your pool, and we guarantee that your service will be done to your complete satisfaction. 

Full Maintenance

Preferred Pools is a full service pool company. We offer weekly cleaning and equipment repair.

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Chemical & Brush

Let our professionals brush the walls and surfaces of your pool, keeping it pristine the way it should be, and in a way your guest will marvel at!

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Chemical Balancing

Preferred Pools knows that balancing the chemistry of your pool may be a daunting task.

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Preferred Pools has highly qualified technicians that will inspect every detail of you pool and its equipment.

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Vacation Services

Going away on a trip or on holiday? Let Preferred Pools maintain your precious investment while you’re away.

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Pool Orientation

Let Preferred Pools guide you on how to properly care for a pool. Our Expert team will educate you and send you on your way with confidence.

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