Pool Chemical & Brush Service

woodlands chemical pool brushing

Why should you spend your valuable time painstakingly cleaning your pool each and every week? Let Preferred Pools  balance and monitor your pools’ chemistry. Our professionals can brush the walls and surfaces of your pool keeping it pristine, the way it should be, and the way your guest will marvel at!

Spring & The Woodlands Chemical & Brush Pool Services

Creating a crystal clear swimming pool requires elbow grease, specialized equipment, and careful monitoring of chemical and mechanical pool systems. Houston's swimming pool experts, Preferred Pools in The Woodlands, have the know-how, equipment, and chemical knowledge to keep your swimming pool balanced and pristine.

Chemical & Brush Services from Preferred Pools

Pool maintenance and cleaning are tasks that should never be put off. Your pool requires regular attention to stay in good repair and remain a fun and healthy addition to family life. The pool care professionals from Preferred Pools have years of experience and the tools to keep pool surfaces sparkling clean and pool water chemically balanced, clear, and safe. Satisfied pool owners in The Woodlands depend on Preferred Pools to perform these chemical and brush services:

  • Cleaning pool steps, benches, walls, & tiles with a soft bristled brush to remove built-up dirt, algae, & minerals
  • Checking salt levels in saltwater pools
  • Checking chlorine levels in saltwater pools
  • Adjusting water level
  • Monitoring pH & alkalinity
  • Testing for stabilizer & TDS (total dissolved solids)

Complete Pool Service Provider for The Woodlands & Surrounding Area

As The Woodland's full-service pool experts, Preferred Pools also offers these maintenance and repair services:

  • Pool equipment installation & repair
  • Timer installation
  • Heater maintenance & repair
  • Pump basket cleaning
  • Storm cleanup
  • Backwash sand & DE filters
  • Pool cleaner checkup
  • Surface re-plastering
  • Pool renovation

Protect your Swimming Pool Investment

A swimming pool that is poorly maintained may lose up to 50% of its useful life. Don’t risk the deterioration caused by accumulated dirt, minerals and algae. Preferred Pools has an affordable pool maintenance plan that will keep your pool safe for your family while protecting your investment. Call today—281-797-7946—for a free, no-obligation estimate.

  • Pool side water test
  • Check salt levels if you have a salt water pool
  • Check/Fill Chlorinator
  • Add chemicals each week
  • Adjust water level
  • Backwash sand and D.E. filters once a month
  • Inspect all suction covers
  • Check the pool cleaners and other equipment
  • Brush the walls, flat surfaces and tile
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets