Full Service Pool Maintenance

woodlands pool maintenance service

An expert in swimming pool services, Preferred Pools keeps your pool at peak health and performance with certified pool and equipment maintenance and full-service cleaning. Proactive care is the best way to protect your swimming pool investment and pinpoint small repairs before they become expensive problems. 

Benefits & Features of Pool Maintenance

As pool owners quickly realize, maintenance is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Neglected maintenance, though, can be costly. A well-cared-for swimming pool is more energy efficient, enjoyable to use, and less likely to require major repairs. Routine maintenance also increases the lifespan of swimming pools and pool equipment. Depending on your pool’s design and cleaning requirements, maintenance procedures may include:

  • Debris & dirt removal. The first step in pool maintenance is to skim leaves, bugs, and other debris from the pool’s surface. Cleaning may also include scrubbing pool walls, vacuuming loose sediment, and cleaning out skimmers.
  • Checking water circulation & filtration. If your pool skimmer, pump, drains, and filter are doing their respective jobs, water will be properly filtered. Each of these components should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to assure correct operation.
  • Chemical treatment / chemical safety. Pool chemicals require special handling, and your pool’s chemistry is critical to the safety and health of swimmers. Our pool company tests chemical balance, adjusts pH and alkalinity, and recommends chemical processes to keep water crystal clear.

Trust Preferred Pools for these comprehensive maintenance services:

  • Pool side water test
  • Check salt levels if you have a salt water pool
  • Check/Fill Chlorinator
  • Add chemicals each week
  • Manually vacuum pool
  • Adjust water level
  • Backwash sand and D.E. filters once a month
  • Inspect all suction covers
  • Check the pool cleaners and other equipment
  • Brush the walls, flat surfaces and tile
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Empty pool cleaner bag

The Preferred Pools Advantage

Preferred Pools is a local company providing high-quality service, transparent communication, and guaranteed satisfaction. With over two decades of experience in pool construction and upkeep, our swimming pool professionals are equipped to provide virtually any service for your pool or spa.

To schedule one-time maintenance or request an estimate for routine pool maintenance, give us a call. You can also inquire online, and a Preferred Pools’ team member will be in touch to schedule a no-obligation quote or recommend service options. We are honored to serve your family!